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Welcome to the official website of the 9-time Grammy Award winning Country Music Artiste, Global Icon for Peace, and Independent Presidential Candidate 2008...Tina C.

Here you'll find all you could ever need to know about your favourite country star Tina C, sign up to help her run for office, and download music, pictures and video to help you feel a little more fulfilled in your empty life through intimate cyber contact with a truly successful person.

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The Latest News!

Tina Tackles the World!

How does a global icon face life after a failed attempt at the presidency? By renewing her wedding vows to the world in a perpetual tasteful ceremony of working for peace 24/11.

This year Tina has taken stock of everything she learned in her campaign against BO and taken it global with trips to every continent with an aspirational / inspirational message of love. And a new country music single to boot! Entitled "Love Is A Four Letter Word", it proclaims Tina at the top of her game. Look out for a series of shows called Complete and Utter Country, and news of Tina's autobiography which is being penned in Hiltons and Winnebegos right now! Tina writes: "Remember all of you, no matter that the world is poor and has flu right now, that doesn't take away from the essential truth of life: you're valid. Buy my single!"

The Tina C Online Store

Do you want something to buy that will make your life truly worthwhile? Then head on over to the Tina C Online Store where you can buy all sorts of Tina C goodness!

Like Pictures, But They Move!

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could have pictures that could move too? Well our little web beavers have been busy and have invented such a thing! Fancy that! Want to see this new internet revolution? Then check out Tina C Videos.

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