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Before I Met You

Don't Tell Me You're Single (I Slept with Your Wife)

Break My Heart (But Don't Mess My Hair)

I'm Tina C

Note from the webmaster: For some reason, when attempting to save these songs in Internet Explorer, there is a prompt saying the file is corrupted, but in practice I have had no problem when downloading and playing them back.

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Tina C Downloads - A Little Bit O' Me On Your PC

Welcome to the Downloads section of the website, where you can make your computer a little more countrified! Hell Yeah!

To download the desktop wallpapers just give that little old mouse a click on the size you would like and it will open in a brand new window.

You can also download some free mp3's from Tina's smash hit albums, so you can really count yourself lucky right here! If you need a good mp3 player Tina would really recommend iTunes or Windows Media Player.

And finally don't forget to download the profile avatars to prove just how country you are!