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Welcome to the Tina C Official Store, where you can spend those hard earned wages on something that will truly make your life a better one. Just click on the categories below to view the wondrous merchandise!

Compact Discs

  • I'm Dreaming Of A White Trash Christmas
  • Lifestyle Guru
  • If You Can't Live Without Me...
  • World Tour / Global Peace Mission
  • Don't Love Me Too Much!


  • No Dick's As Hard As My Life
  • I Thought I Left You (What You Doin' Alive)
  • Love Must Have Made Me Deaf...
  • 'Course I Want You For Your Body...
  • I'm Just Roadkill...

Other Fantastic Items

  • Mugs
  • Colour Change Mugs
  • Mousemats/Mousepads
  • Keyrings
  • Fridge Magnets

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