Feel the Love! The Critics Love Tina C!

"How many cabaret turns can dissect US Foreign Policy? Tina C is in a class of her own"

-The Scotsman

"As polished, sparkling and tasteless as the rhinestone on her tiny denim frock"

-The Independent

"Superbly realised…smart satire and great legs too"

-The Metro

"Catch him/her now before this cult figure becomes so widely known the Daily Telegraph will write about it"

-Time Out

"Scabrously funny"

-The Daily Telegraph

"full of satirical humour that almost had the audience falling on the floor with laughter for the whole hour"

-Joel Crotty, The Age (Melbourne)

"there is no denying that this is a fantastically funny act, but the surprise is that beneath the faux classy, trashy exterior this character is such a perfect vehicle to express her creator's obvious intelligence, brainy satire and deeply rooted anger at the American way of doing things. Highly, highly recommended"

-Sydney Morning Herald

"it works terribly well…hugely entertaining"

-Ian Hislop, The Sunday Telegraph

"Outrageously tasteless - DO NOT MISS"

-The Independent

"The most politically astute, savvy, precise and polished show of the fringe... A brilliant, thought-provoking comic creation"

-The Scotsman

"Fabulously politically incorrect"

-The Scotsman

"A wicked riff on America and celebrity"

-The Guardian

"Gloriously clever satire...I started laughing the minute Tina C came on and didn't stop till long after the show had finished."

-The Sunday Telegraph

"Genius...for pure unadulterated belly-aching fun, Tina's your girl...you'd be mad not to go. For those that like their satire sharp and smart and bordering on the tasteless"

-City Life, Manchester

"Could cabaret get any better? Every delicious drop of stage time is utterly compelling"


"Highly entertaining"

-Malcolm Hay, Time Out

"Tina C is the self-styled International Rhinestone Mother Theresa."

-BBC Online

"Tina effortlessly blends musical pastiche, cutting satire on celebrity culture and the US with powerhouse stand up comedy, and wipes the floor with the competition, mainstream or otherwise."


"Gloriously bad taste comedy"

-Sunday Telegraph, Critics Choice

"Deserves to have them hanging from the rafters"

-New Zealand Herald

"Rousingly political, slicing through the lies of warmongering politicians yet she is achingly funny, impeccably attuned to the nuances of her powerful subject matter and a damn fine C&W singer. We were in tears and a little bit in love with her, too."

-The Age, Melbourne

"...Christopher Green writes brilliant gags, and his act would still be funny even if he wasn't wearing a frock."

-William Cook – The Guardian

"Not dissimilar to Dame Edna Everage in terms of clever subversion and witty savagery, British comic Christopher Green is a more than worthy successor to the great female-impersonator mantle long held by Barry Humphries. Tina C is a brilliant, subversive creation. Armed with a great singing voice and a string of coruscating original one-liners (just begging to be thieved by lesser comics)"

-Lily Bragge, The Age, Melbourne

"Tina C can sing and write songs and looks like a million dollars in her tiny costume with legs that stretch from here to eternity. She also swings from the political to the personal and is able to code-switch between the two in a flash. Chris Green is a true star and this show is not just about its finely tuned character. Tina C is clever with a capital C."

-The Cape Times, South Africa