What Has Happened

Tina C is a country music singer. Simple as that. You can you leave everything else aside – global icon for peace, movie-star, role-model, political campaigner, song writer, friend to animals and the oppressed, mother, daughter, star – forget all of that people; she thinks of herself as just a girl-singer!

She's come a long way from her childhood in Open Throat Holler, TN, but is still humble enough to exploit her blue collar status in order to sell product.

Tina's hits are legendary but if you need reminding then these tracks will still have people singing, crying and laughing long after she's singing with St. Peter on the banjo...

  • No Dick's As Hard As My Life
  • Not Tonight Darlin', I Got A Heartache
  • Course I Want You For Your Body (Got A Mind of My Own)
  • Our Love Died Like Elvis (It Was Messy At The End)
  • I Became Schizophrenic (So I Could Love You Twice As Much)
  • I Thought I Left You (What You Doing Alive?)

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Tina C's Full Length Shows:

  • Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (2007)
  • Tina C's State of the Union Tour (BBC Radio 4) (2006/7)
  • Sometimes I Frighten Myself (2006)
  • I'm Dreaming Of A White Trash Xmas (2005)
  • Tina C's Tiny Island Tour (BBC Radio 4) (2005)
  • Tina C's Manifesto Show (2004)
  • Just Doing It For The Love (2004)
  • Lifestyle Guru (2003)
  • Tina C's Twin Towers Tribute (2002)
  • Yanky Panky (TV Show) (2000-2001)
  • Don't Love Me Too Much (2001)
  • Leaving On A Jet Plane (1999)
  • Rhinestone Cowgirl (1997)